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    Integrate "cloud + network + terminal" to create enterprise connectivity

    We have three major business areas: cloud-enterprise intercommunication, cloud-network interconnection, and cloud-terminal interaction, which fully cover the needs of enterprise communication and collaboration, virtual private network communication and home information services. Under the strategy of "cloud + network + terminal", we create intelligent services such as smart office, smart cloud network, and smart home to help enterprises and households upgrade their digital intelligence.

    Communication & Collaboration Service

    Based on our self-developed cloud video and cloud office platform, we created a complete suite of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS resources comprising of enterprise collaboration services such as live broadcast, video conferencing, teleconference, and corporate mailboxes to provide smart office, digital marketing, digital learning and our own innovative IT application solutions to connect enterprises and create values together.

    Cloud Network

    With our own high-quality self-built data centers, and cloud computing services tailored to different market segments, and coupled with global network connectivities, We are ready to fulfil China domestic and International communication needs, and to offer private network, corporate voice services for enterprise which forms a complete, integrated IDC solution to meet ever demanding customer needs.

    Cloud And Terminal Interaction

    Adhering to the concept of "bringing a better life to overseas Chinese", we provide Chinese video, video platform, home phone, home security and other smart furniture and personal information consumption services for the overseas Chinese market. At present, several experience stores have been opened in the United States, Canada, Singapore, and other countries, with more than one million users worldwide.