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    The 263 self-developed cloud video platform combines professional solutions to provide customers with enterprise-level cloud live broadcast services such as digital marketing, live training, and webinars that are video-based, data-based, and private domain flow-based

    Advantages And Features

    High performance of the system

    High performance of the system

    Millisecond-level ultra-low latency realizes real-time interaction, 1080P documentary-level picture quality, immersive experience of audiovisual feast, millions of concurrent viewing, stable and smooth without stutter.

    Diversified live broadcast

    Diversified live broadcast

    We have full terminal access (Web, PC, mobile, hardware) capabilities, supports real-time interaction, multiple anchors interact on the same screen, and can integrate meeting scenes.

    Diversified interactions

    Diversified interactions

    The audience can join the conference by scanning the QR code, and can share live broadcast information at any time. We provide rich real-time interactive functions such as one-click connect to microphones, sign-in questionnaires, red envelopes, and likes.

    More flexible configuration

    More flexible configuration

    With the fastest and most convenient access method, live broadcast viewers do not need to register, and no client/plug-in installation is required to watch the live broadcast.

    Technical Strength

    24 years
    of accumulation in the communications industry
    WebRTC technology
    Large-scale real-time message
    distribution system
    High-definition audio and video
    codec technology

    Applicable scenarios

    Live Marketing

    Industry Summit

    Annual Meeting Live Broadcast

    Overseas Live Broadcast

    Online Exhibition

    Commercial Roadshow

    Online Training

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