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    263's professional teleconference platform has clear and stable voice, integrates video calls, and provides global access numbers. 263 has been engaged in teleconference for more than ten years. Whether it is self-service conference service or operator assisted conference service, 263 is the best choice of the industry.

    Four Main Advantages

    Safe and reliable

    Safe and reliable

    The platform meets the requirements of the country and the industry for communication and network security. Based on the good cooperation relationship between 263 and domestic and foreign operators, the communication resources are reliable and stable. Our customers can join the conference freely from all over the world.

    Diverse Products

    Diverse Products

    The platform supports rich product services such as operator assisted conference, self-service conference, multimedia audio/ video conference, and fully meets the requirements of the financial industry, consulting industry and many other industries.

    Easy To Use And Convenient

    Easy To Use And Convenient

    The platform supports a variety of conference initiation methods, such as instant outgoing calls, scheduled outgoing calls, and instant incoming calls. Users can choose flexibly according to meeting requirements and join the meeting conveniently.

    Professional Aervice

    Professional Aervice

    With 20 years of industry experience, we have extensive conference service capabilities. Relying on a strong operation team and service system, we have set up a dedicated service team for key customers to respond to customer needs quickly and ensure the smooth progress of the meeting.

    Rich Conference Scenarios

    Financial industry conference

    Marketing Meeting

    Important Announcement Meeting

    Simultaneous Interpretation Conference

    Large Event Meeting

    Global Conference

    Investor Relations Conference

    Business Mobilization Meeting

    Perfect Service

    We have rich pre-meeting support such as meeting plan and script planning, participant confirmation, meeting notice, meeting rehearsal, etc., to ensure that the meeting will hold as scheduled.
    During the meeting
    Perfect management functions such as joining service, in-conference assistance, meeting monitoring, etc., to ensure the orderly convening of the meeting.
    After the meeting
    Provide customers with recording files, meeting bills, service reports and other materials to comprehensively enhance the meeting communication experience.
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