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    Enterprise Voices

    Based on the requirements of enterprise business environment, process management, and corporate brand image, and leveraging the full capabilities of telecom service providers, and with the integration of unified communication technology and platforms, we offer enterprse a customized, complete voice solution which is suitable for various vertical industries to support continued growth of enterprise business.

    Services Benefit

    Rich phone number resources
    With our long-term strategic partnership with telecom operators, we assist enterprises to apply for alternative fixed-line numbers in multiple provinces, cities, and regions across the country with unified access and image.
    Easy to deploy
    Without the need for equipment purchase and wiring, just apply for one or more numbers, we help enterprises to establish a secure and relaibe internal communication system for multiple departments and branches through intelligent management and maintenance.
    Millions of extension number
    Support millions of extension numbers, and can be deployed separately according to customer needs. The extension number can be bound to multiple answering terminals to meet various business needs.
    Full-featured Service
    Provide a flexible and convenient end-to-end VoIP service, including cloud voice, cloud phone, conference call, corporate address book, etc., and is compatible with other telephone systems. Helps enterprises greatly reduce the cost of DDD and IDD calls.