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    Based on cloud video technology, we provide enterprises a complete end-to-end, fully digitized, private domain Digital Marketing Solutions, helping companies revitalize their private domain traffic, break through growth barriers, and quickly achieve digital transformation.

    Values Of Our Solutions

    Build a new ecosystem for enterprise marketing
    Revitalize enterprise private domain traffic pools
    Intelligent Analysis of marketing data

    Three steps to improve efficiency Boost performance growth

    Before the live broadcast

    Accurately attract traffic across all channels

    Embed the live broadcast address into the official website, APP and other platforms to lay out the company's own traffic position
    Targeted invitations through posters to realize all-staff fission marketing and accurately attract new customers
    Support live broadcast streaming with one-click, support multi-platform distribution, complete user data accumulation of public domain traffic, realize network-wide brand exposure

    During Live Broadcast

    Convert customers through rich features

    Extensive interactions with users such as red packets, lucky draws, chats, rewards, bullet chattings, questionnaires, etc., to fully mobilize users’ emotions
    Create a closed loop of online purchases by product windows, product push, etc., to achieve efficient customer conversion

    After the live broadcast

    Detail analysis and manipulation of user data

    Generate full-dimensional data reports with one click, and completely keep track of user's live broadcast activities
    Comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of activities, guide enterprises to adjust their future marketing strategies, and provide accurate supporting data for precise marketing strategy decision

    Meet the needs of industry requirements

    Explore new possibilities of digital marketing together with enterprises

    Pharmaceutical Industry
    Financial Industry
    Various Enterprise Use Case